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Featured Lesson: How to create a poem in Grade 8

Posted on February 21, 2017 by Top Dog Education

Have you ever sat down in front of a keyboard and written a poem just for fun? For most people, the thought of a blank document that needs to be filled with flowery words makes them feel nervous and the first thing that comes to mind is – NOPE!

Fear not, for our English team at Top Dog have put together a lesson on how to create a poem, from start to finish!

You’ll dig into what a poem actually is (and there are MANY different types of poems) and you’ll be lead step by step in creating your own poem from scratch.

Think of the money you’ll save on Valentine’s cards! Need to get someone a birthday present? No problem. Just give someone a poem you wrote yourself and boom! You just leveled up.

And if you’re a learner studying English at school, this lesson will help you get top marks in English.

Where to find the lesson

  • Log in to the website
  • Browse to Grade 8 -> English First Additional Language -> Writing and presenting ->How to create a poem
  • You can also use the search box at the top of the page to search for “how to create a poem”
  • Remember that you must be subscribed to Grade 8 or to the Grade 8 English First Additional Language subject to access the lesson

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