Smart, Digital Education

Top Dog is a world-class, e-learning platform that provides educational resources for both school-going and corporate-level learners.


Here's how Top Dog helps over 3 million students perform better:

Proven to enhance retention
Proven to enhance retention with interactive, multi-sensory content
Suits all types of learners
Suits all types of learners helping them achieve their maximum potential
CAPS-aligned content
CAPS-aligned content from grade 4-12 that supplements private and government school curricula
From just R60 a month
From just R60 a month studying with Top Dog is affordable anytime, anywhere
Adaptive Learning
Adaptive Learning that customises your learning experience based on your understanding
Enjoyable, effective and time-saving
Enjoyable, effective and time-saving ask any of our students

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Adaptive Learning

Follow your path to success

Top Dog Powered By Knewton personalises your studying experience based on:

  • how you learn
  • what areas you need help with
  • what goals you want to achieve

No two students are the same. That’s why no two students will see the same course material, because we modify it in real time, depending on how you perform and what you best respond to.

With Top Dog Powered By Knewton's adaptive technology, every student will see the right content, at the right time, at the right level of difficulty.

Our adaptive diagnostics educate you in your personal "optimal learning zone" ensuring maximum understanding of work.

So what do you get when you buy a course?

  •   Top quality content:  Video lessons, summaries

  •   Interactive tests  marked automatically

  •   Mock exams  with solutions

  •   All with adaptive technology

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No matter what grade you are in, we can help.

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