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[Video] The 9 Best Scientific Study Tips

Posted on March 12, 2018 by Top Dog Education

Want to ace any exam while working smarter? Don’t cram the night before the exam – early preparation is the key! We’ve found some great tips for you from AsapSCIENCE. Check out the video and let us know in the comments if you have any other tips for our readers.

Tip 1: Spread out your study sessions over many shorter sessions instead of fewer, longer sessions

Tip 2: Set up specific times in a day and days in a week for study

Tip 3: Create FLASH CARDS as memory reinforcement tools instead of reading massive passages of text over and over again

Tip 4: Set a goal! Pick one aspect you’ll focus on instead of mindlessly studying everything at once

Tip 5: Expect to teach what you know to others

Tip 6: Practice tests

Tip 7: Have a designated, sacred spot for study

Tip 8: Don’t study with music

Tip 9: Put away your phone