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What is Top Dog?

Top Dog is an Ed-Tech company that specialises in optimising the learning and teaching process through technology interventions. Top Dog publishes its own content. We started off focusing on the CAPS syllabus, now we are expanding into a variety of international syllabi.

Our content is created by our team of handpicked teachers and educational psychologists. The content is then hosted on our learning platform. Our learning platform is fused with artificial intelligence which we call adaptive learning. This allows our platform to continuously analyse how you learn best, what your goals, proficiencies and weaknesses are. Based on this we determine what you should focus on. Everything we do is personalised to each individual user, ensuring the most efficient experience.

Who is Top Dog?

Top Dog was started by Ryan Swartzberg, Claudia Swartzberg and Byron Vos. Having a passion for education and technology we have merged and subsequently morphed Ed-Tech into a product that is improving millions of students’ marks.

Why use Top Dog?

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Proven to enhance retention with interactive, multi-sensory content.
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Suits all types of learners helping them achieve their maximum potential
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CAPS-aligned content from grade 4-12 that supplements private and government school curricula.
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From just R20 a month studying with Top Dog is affordable anytime, anywhere.
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Adaptive learning that customises your learning experience based on your understanding.
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Enjoyable, effective and time-saving ask any of our students…

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