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Nice to meet you

We are MyTopDog

We use education and technology to make learning awesome!

Our mission

We are absolutely committed to education. Our mission is to make brighter futures, one child at a time.

We provide the tools for success at university, the workplace, entrepreneurship and in building happier communities across the planet. Our goal is to instil a love of learning in each person with whom we come in contact so that we build a better tomorrow for everyone.

Our Teachers

We're incredibly proud of our accredited, passionate and experienced teachers. They are the core of our entire learning platform - and they can't wait to meet you and help you learn.


I am a literature buff. I have my Masters in English Literature.

I am an avid reader. I enjoy poetry, fantasy and science fiction. I enjoy explaining literary concepts. I love MyTopDog because it allows me to practise my passion for English, writing and teaching.


Maths has been part of my life since I was very young.

I have a Masters degree in Maths Education and over 15 years teaching experience. I love that Maths can be solved in your way, depending on how your brain works. The multimedia aspect of MyTopDog will help many more different brain types learn and engage, compared to just textbooks!


I'm Top Dog's resident history buff! I use the past to look forward to the future.

I love being able to share my passion for history with you! I enjoy reading, movies and being in the bush!


I am an experienced English teacher and have taught both nationally and abroad.

I have a Masters degree in English Studies. I enjoy post-colonial studies, especially the works of JM Coetzee. African literature is my main interest. Top Dog draws on my English expertise and allows me to fulfill my passion for teaching.


I am a teacher, an author and a scholar of physical sciences. Science is a most creative activity that attempts to make sense of almost everything through our imagination.

And yet it is not brilliant minds that make science; it is science that makes brilliant minds. This is my motto in teaching. MyTopDog pushes the creativity and imagination of the teacher and the learner to new limits.


I am head of English, a serious bibliophile and the ultimate grammar fiend!

I love the English language. MyTopDog has allowed me to extend myself – I create content and have written a Shakespearean study guide.

Our story

Top Dog Education was founded by Claudia and Ryan Swartzberg out of a need for a better way of learning.

They realised from their own learning experience that each student is different - so why should everyone be treated the same? Using their own actuarial and data science backgrounds they partnered with professionals in education and technology to develop a world-class offering in online education.

The MyTopDog learning platform gives students a custom-made, personalised and multi-sensory learning experience that is proven to result in academic success. We've now become a larger team of people dedicated to education - but we're still small enough to care about each and every student. As we reach forward to the future of education we know it's going to be a thrilling ride. Come with us.

Our products

There are a number of leading education products in the TopDog Education family.

CambriLearn is an online education platform that prepares students for their Cambridge International GCSE and AS / A-levels.

The Lapin Online Leadership Academy helps people who are thirsting for differentiation to discover their higher purpose and deepen their leadership capacity.

Available in all 11 official languages and fully CAPS aligned, all the workbooks and posters you need to help your child get the most out of their education.

Making the MyTopDog learning platform available to the areas that need it most. The solution runs completely offline, with no internet connection required.

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