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Exercise, E-Learning and other Great Tips for Success this Exam Season!

Posted on January 28, 2016 by Top Dog Education

E-learning has brought education a long way in recent years, with more material available to students than ever before and plenty of online support at the click of a mouse, but sadly there’s no online substitute for the unpleasantness that comes with writing exams.

With Exam season about to kick into high-gear all over the country, stress levels are high amongst learners and students hoping to score those straight A’s in finals. As creators of South Africa’s preferred e-learning portal for kidswe are all too aware that stress, long study hours, sedentary lifestyle and many other factors play a part in your mindset during these periods, and not managing them effectively can severely affect your study performance, and therefore your precious grades too! Try these Top Dog tips to stay organised and energised, to maximise your performance on exam day, and to take full advantage of all the ways that e-learning can give you the edge.

Study Tip #1: Get creative with online e-learning for kids

Gone are the days of poring over a book for endless days with a highlighter and a stack of Post-It notes – there are many different ways to study, and every student should be encouraged to use the tools and techniques that work best for them. An e-learning portal like Top Dog can provide you with stimulating and comprehensive content in easily digestible chunks, as well as mock-exams – a far cry from the bland textbook studying of the past. E-learning for kids has shown that interactive and dynamic content trumps textbooks every time when it comes to developing an understanding of a subject as well as memory retention during exam time.

Study Tip #2: Exercise Body as well as Mind

Many students feel that they’re wasting precious study time if they take frequent breaks from the books while cramming for an exam, but research has shown that breaks, especially those which are physically stimulating, can increase blood flow, reduce stress and sharpen the mind – all positive effects that can help your studying effectiveness. Experts recommend a short walk or some mild exercise, such as yoga, as well as a healthy snack when you take a study break. Aim to break for 10-15 minutes every 90 minutes and you’ll keep your body and mind running at full power.

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Study Tip #3: Quiz Yourself

Once you feel that you’ve got the grasp of a subject or concept, it is important to test your knowledge. Not only will this give you an understanding of potential areas of weakness, but testing yourself immediately after studying goes a long way to committing the facts that you’ve just learned into long-term memory, meaning that you’ll not only understand the material better, but you’ll remember it better too!

Study Tip #4: Form a Study Group

In these days of social media and instant gratification, many students feel that it’s more difficult than ever before to remain focused for extended periods of time without their attention wandering. A good fix for procrastination is to gather a group of friends and form a study group. You don’t even need to be studying for the same exam, but just having a group of people around, all focused on the same goal, goes a long way towards creating a study-friendly atmosphere, and you’ll be able to encourage and support each other along the way.

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