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Social Sciences: History

Concise History Grade 7:


Our MyTopDog Concise History Grade 7 study guide Is an essential study tool and syllabus aid for all Grade 7 learners. Developed by us, especially for you, to make your studying easy and retention of information effortless! Our Concise History study guide:

Covers the four syllabus sections:

  • The Kingdom of Mali and the city of Timbuktu in the 14th century
  • The Transatlantic slave trade
  • Colonisation of the Cape in the 17th – 18th century
  • Co-operation and conflict on the frontiers of the Cape Colony in the early 19th century

How can our study guide help you? We:

  • Condense the years’ syllabus into 19 easy-to-study, colourful summaries (made up of the sub-sections under each main section/topic)
  • Introduce you to the essential skills needed to master Grade 7 History
  • Focus the learning in each section with the instruction “Make sure you are able to…”
  • Guide you to video clips found on the Top Dog website which will enhance your learning experience
  • Provide you with questions and activities to test your content knowledge
  • Provide clear solutions for all questions and exercises

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