• I have a voucher and would like to redeem it.

    If you would like to redeem your voucher you first need to sign up

    Once you have successfully registered, go to the top right hand corner of the webpage where your profile picture is and click on the arrow. A drop down box will appear, select "My Promotions" and a new page will load. Once on the promotions page enter your voucher code into the "Redeem Promotion" box and click on the "Redeem" tab.

  • I have forgotten my password. How do I reset it?

    Click on “Sign in” and proceed by clicking on "Forgot Password". Enter your email address and click 'Reset" A new password will be sent to you. Please ensure you check you’re junk and spam folder as well.

  • Can we download the study materials and save it to our computers so we can print it?

    Documents such as mock examination, summaries and tutorials and the animated lessons (the videos) need to be viewed from your account and cannot be downloaded or printed.

  • How can I register an account with Top dog?

    Please go to www.mytopdog.co.za and click on the "sign up" tab. Please fill in all the relevant information and click the "Sign Up" button to complete your registration. Please make sure your password is 8 Characters long.

  • When does the voucher expire?

    The voucher expires after 1 year if it is not used. If you redeem your voucher then you will have access to the subscription you voucher entitles you to.

    Examples of subscriptions:

    • 12 months access to your grades
    • 12 months access to a subject of your choice
    • 20% discount off a purchase of your choice

    The voucher gives you 12 months access to everything in the "School Library". 

  • Does the voucher cost me money to use?

    The voucher does not cost you money to use. After the voucher expires you will have to subscribe through credit card.

    Please note we only offer products per grade or per subject through a monthly subscription.

  • I would like to find out the costs involved?

    The cost is currently R 100 per grade for the month or R 60 per subject within a grade for the month.

    Please note all subscriptions are purchased online and are accessed through your Top Dog account through "My Material".

  • What are the payment methods available?

    Apart from the voucher we offer credit card or Visa/Master card as a payment option.