• What is Top Dog?

    Top Dog is a company that aims to help students achieve "top" marks. We provide material such as: mock papers, summaries, tutorials, exam/study/answering techniques etc. Top Dog also aims to become a lifestyle for students. Watch this space!

  • Who is Top Dog?

    Top Dog was started by Ryan Swartzberg and Claudia Swartzberg.

  • Who should use Top Dog?

    Anyone and everyone! Do you feel that there was a section you didn't quite catch, or there's that one piece of information you may have missed? Want to practise a topic but don't know how, or just can't seem to find any notes that really explain it? Generally interested in improving your marks while normal studying doesn't seem to quite cut it? Want a quicker and more efficient way to study? If any of the above applies to you, then Top Dog is what you need!

  • How does it work?

    Simple! Go ahead and register or log in and then simply select "Libraries" from the menu. Once you have completed your purchase, all your products will be immediately available in your account.