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Should Cellphones Be Allowed In Schools?

Posted on March 19, 2018 by Top Dog Education

Cellphones in schools have been a hot topic ever since the first commercial Motorola phones rolled off the production line in the 1980s.

The question never really seems to be answered so we’ve compiled a list of PROS and CONS to help you make up your own mind.


  • Cellphones can be used in emergencies
  • Some schools teach mobile phone use as a subject for computer class
  • Convenience: a cellphone allows you to easily contact your family
  • Cellphones can be used as educational tools (like the MyTopDog learning platform that works on any mobile device)
  • There are a large number of excellent educational learning apps
  • Teachers are now frequently using digital platforms in their lessons
  • Many valuable learning resources are available online


  • Cellphones are a distraction
  • Cyberbullying and filming of school fights and more are a reality
  • Cellphones can be used to cheat on tests and exams
  • When you are absorbed with a cellphone you lose touch with those around you
  • A reliance on technology prevents learners from using their own brains to solve problems

What are your thoughts?

Should cellphones be banned or allowed in schools? We’d love to hear your thoughts so please comment on our Facebook Group to join the conversation.

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