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MyTopDog Vouchers explained

Posted on May 26, 2017 by Top Dog Education

MyTopDog vouchers from Vodacom give you unlimited free access for 12 months to all lessons, across all grades, on the MyTopDog site.

This offer is roughly equivalent to the value of R10,000 in private tutor fees, and includes video lessons, interactive tests, summaries, study tips and mock exams.

What grades and subjects are covered?
MyTopDog covers most major subjects in the South Africa syllabus, from Grade 4-12

Where do I get a Vodacom MyTopDog voucher?
MyTopDog vouchers can be obtained through Vodacom when you upgrade your contract or take out a new contract. Be sure to ask if this is not offered.

In the past these vouchers have been available through various partners like Lenovo, Altech Autopage and African Bank.

Look out for future partnerships, as these are limited time offers. New offers will be announced on our various social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, so make sure to subscribe, as this is the best way to stay in the loop! We will also announce offers via email, so make sure you signup to MyTopDog.

How do I activate my voucher?
Please go to and look for the “Have a voucher? Enter it here” box at the top of the page. Simply fill in the box with your voucher code and activate!

So look out for MyTopDog vouchers and activate your future!